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Audit: Vast Majority of BP Oil Spill Claims Payments Are Correct

Last week, results of a third-party audit of the oil spill settlement program were released which showed the settlement program has correctly processed 99.5 percent of claims. According to the Times-Picayune, the audit concluded the program is “well-designed and appropriate” and made no major recommendations for improvement. In its attempts to degrade the Program and those who take […]


BP Oil-Spill Settlement Approval Upheld by Appeals Court

Bloomberg-Approval of BP Plc (BP/)’s $9.2 billion partial settlement of private-party claims from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill was upheld by a U.S. appeals court. Objectors said the settlement was unfair and couldn’t be approved because it inconsistently compensated victims with the same types of economic injuries. London-based BP asked the court to […]


While Settlement Framework is Solid, Appeals Court Asks Presiding Judge to Broaden Policy Review

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a clarifying Order yesterday, directing Judge Barbier to broaden his review on remand to include the “causation” provision of the BP Settlement Agreement as he considers what “policy changes”, if any, should be made to the Settlement Program. The appellate court ruling essentially states that the District Court […]