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bird rocks oil rig

BP’s Back-Pedaling and ‘Woe is Me’ Tactics Reach New Low in Campaign to Cheat the True Victims of Oil Disaster

BP’s misinformation campaign has taken “twisting the facts to suit one’s needs” to a whole new level. The corporate giant is now cherry-picking claims that were paid per the very formulas BP stated should govern the Settlement Program, and claiming now that such payments were inappropriate and that such claimants were undeserving of the monies […]

bird rocks oil rig

Latest From Bloomberg Businessweek-Oil Spill Judge ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by BP

BP has really irritated Judge Carl Barbier this time. From his courtroom in New Orleans, Barbier presides over the multifaceted litigation concerning the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. He has sole discretion over a series of decisions determining whether BP (BP)‘s liability bill from that disaster will total several additional billions of dollars or […]

What the Appeals Ruling Means to BP Claimants

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling on October 3rd on BP’s appeal regarding how certain types of accounting principles apply when utilizing the Settlement Program’s economic formulas for computing the “amount” of a client’s claim for losses. Simply put, the 5th Circuit’s Order rules that Judge Barbier, the Claims Administrator, Plaintiffs’ counsel, […]