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Attorneys and Accountants Representing Clients in BP Settlement Program: Let Us Co-Counsel or Be Your Referral Partner So you Can Move On with Your Business

The BP Settlement Program, which commenced in 2012, was supposed to be straightforward, objective, and transparent.  As it turns out, new policies, increasing document requests, and frequent appeals have complicated the process to the point of frustration for many on the client service side.  In addition, far more advocacy is required for successful claims representation.  […]


Attorney, Father of BP Rig Worker, Speaks Out on BP Program

As BP continues their intensive and expensive public relations campaign designed to sway potential participants from being evaluated under the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program, the general realization that BP is trying to back out of a fair and just agreement is becoming more evident. Even if the conservative media is falling for BP’s tactics, it […]

Remembering Why BP Agreed

The 2010 BP oil spill was one of the worst environmental disasters in our country’s history. 11 rig workers lost their lives unexpectedly in the tragic explosion. The wildlife in the Gulf has suffered, and the full extent of damage remains to be seen. Hundreds of volunteer clean-up workers are currently experiencing some of the […]