BP Claims Being Paid to Businesses With Valid Claims; Deadline is Fast Approaching

The BP Settlement Program is moving at an increasing pace now that all legal obstacles have been removed and the Claims Administrator has a job to complete.  But, the deadline to file a claim is June 8, 2015, so there is only limited time for businesses to be evaluated before it’s too late.

To date, 298,410 claims have been submitted, and nearly $5.5 billion in total offers have been made.  It is a common misperception that the claims window is closed, but it is in fact still open, and businesses have every right to file valid claims for funds lost after the 2010 oil spill halted tourism and constricted spending.

As more and more previously filed claims are now being paid, others who have not yet filed are taking a renewed interest in the Program.  The process is completely confidential and there is no cost for an evaluation, so, for those who have not yet looked at whether they qualify, they should act now.

Working in conjunction with co-counsel, ERG Law Firm has helped thousands of businesses since 2012, and we are here to help those who choose to be evaluated.  For more information, please visit

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