BP Claims Being Accepted by the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program until June 8, 2015

 Eligible Businesses Should Be Evaluated Before the Deadline Passes

The BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program is working steadily to pay all valid claims.  After the U.S. Supreme Court denied BP’s appeal questioning the validity of the Settlement Program in December, the Claims Center has been steadily pushing forward.   The ruling also triggered the claim deadline, which has been officially determined to be June 8, 2015.
To date, 85,233 claims have been deemed eligible for payment, and $5,335,319,556 in total offers have been made.  This figure tells us that the majority of businesses in Gulf Coast counties that are eligible still have yet to file.  It is a common misperception that the claims window is closed.  We hope to continue to spread the word that the claims window is in fact still open, and businesses have every right to file a claim for funds lost after the 2010 oil spill halted tourism and constricted spending.

As more and more claims are paid, we also suspect that others who have not yet filed will take a renewed interest in the Program.  While BP is doing everything in its power to slow payments down, including filing frivolous appeals, it cannot escape the fact that the Courts have held them to their initial promise to compensate businesses for the economic damage it caused.

For every eligible business that has filed, at least one more hasn’t.  For more information, please visit


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