Attorneys and Accountants Representing Clients in BP Settlement Program: Let Us Co-Counsel or Be Your Referral Partner So you Can Move On with Your Business

The BP Settlement Program, which commenced in 2012, was supposed to be straightforward, objective, and transparent.  As it turns out, new policies, increasing document requests, and frequent appeals have complicated the process to the point of frustration for many on the client service side.  In addition, far more advocacy is required for successful claims representation.  Now, attorneys and accountants who agreed to help clients by filing claims for them are facing a substantial amount of re-work as the rules of claim calculation changed mid-stream.

While BP initially negotiated and advocated for this Program, it soon changed its tune after realizing the expanse of the economic damage caused by its gross negligence.  Now, the professionals working on clients’ claims are faced with a decision – continue to work the claims and sacrifice other “paying” work, or refer the claims to another firm that will work the claim to the end.

ERG Law Firm can help.  With in-house financial and legal professionals, ERG is continuing to focus solely on BP claims, and will continue to do so for as long as it takes.  We work with hundreds of law firms in co-counsel and referral relationships, and are committed to using our expansive knowledge and fine-tuned systems to help as many Gulf businesses as possible.  Please contact ERG Law Firm at (888) 270-6288 for more information.

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