Program Now Operating Under Six Month Extension

We at ERG Law Firm have been asked many times over the last few days what the new deadline to file a claim may be. Now that April 22nd has come and gone. The simple answer is that the BP settlement Program is continuing to accept new claim filings under provisions of the Settlement Agreement that allow for the extension of the filing deadline by six months from the finalization of BPs appeal of class certification. 

As BP has challenged its own Settlement Program, the appeal it has filed has now provided businesses with an opportunity to file claims for up to six additional months or more.  The only thing that may shorten that six month extension is if an agreement is made between Class Counsel and BP.  While that is not believed likely, we are encouraging all clients to file claims without delay to protect their rights.  As of today, the exact deadline is unknown.  But, absent an agreement, we can expect claim filings to be accepted into the Fall.


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