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BP Wants to Throw Out a Program It Quietly Agrees is Working

BP has become masterful at saying one thing and then doing another.  The company shouted from the rooftops how fraud riddled the Program, yet it turns out that such allegations of rampant fraud are simply untrue.

In fact, if one looks at the most recent report on the Program’s operations it shows that BP has only exercised it right to challenge a small percentage of actual claims.  It has always had this right to question offers made to claimants moving through the Court-supervised Settlement Program, as it was BP who itself negotiated and agreed to the process to do so.  Yet, the report, issued by Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau, details how 79 percent of claims have moved through the Program completely unchallenged by BP.

This is notable, as on one hand BP challenges the validity of the Program as a whole, but the vast majority of claims paid have occurred with no objection or comment at all from BP.  It appears BP would rather make grand statements of rampant abuses and unfairness in its own self-serving full page ads, than admit this reality of the legitimacy of the harms it caused all manner of businesses.

It certainly can be argued that there is no challenge because BP knows it owes them. But, despite that, BP continues to try and dismantle the entire Program to avoid the financial commitments it made in 2012 to those very businesses who have made valid claims that apparently don’t even warrant a second look by BP itself.  The numbers tell the true story.  The Program was developed with sound principles and objective formulas. It works, but can only begin to perform its purpose once BP’s legal antics are fully and finally rejected by the Court.

The fact is that the Settlement Program was supposed to be entering its final weeks. Instead, offers and payments to thousands of deserving businesses remain stayed.  They wait while BP continues to try to undo the Program so these businesses would never get paid per the settlement promises BP made.

With no other options, businesses must simply stand by and hope such tactics are rejected by the Court. BP would like nothing more than for its campaign to dissuade businesses from entering the Program, but the Gulf Coast deserves better, and businesses should act now to help themselves, as BP isn’t going to do so willingly.

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