Attorney, Father of BP Rig Worker, Speaks Out on BP Program

As BP continues their intensive and expensive public relations campaign designed to sway potential participants from being evaluated under the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program, the general realization that BP is trying to back out of a fair and just agreement is becoming more evident. Even if the conservative media is falling for BP’s tactics, it has not swayed all business owners, attorneys, and government officials who know better.

One attorney, the father of Gordon Jones, one of 11 workers killed in the BP rig explosion, has spoken out against BP’s efforts to not only shift the blame but shut out the very people the company publicly claims it wants to help.

It has been proven that the mishandling and improper maintenance of the Macondo oil rig, drilling out of BP’s Macondo well located off the shore of Louisiana, led to the fatal April 20, 2010 explosion that sparked one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. History. Gordon Jones, only 28, arrived the day before the explosion, just days before his wedding anniversary, and sadly, just three weeks before his wife bore their first son Max.

Louisiana based attorney Keith Jones had this to say: “It’s as though BP is now trying to use our resilience against us and pervert it into passivity. It seems that BP expects our community to sit idly by while the company shamelessly attempts to intimidate the people and businesses of the Gulf out of filing claims they have every right to make.” This, and other comments regarding his son, reiterate and confirm the seriousness of the tragedy, and the aftermath that continues to linger in Gulf coast counties.

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