Investigation of BP Settlement and Administrator Patrick Juneau Finds no Corruption

Judge Carl Barbier, the Federal Judge overseeing the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program, recently called on former FBI director Louis Freeh, to investigate the inner workings of the Program and to ensure that Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau was not participating in any conduct that could be considered unethical.

Following the discovery of an isolated case of misconduct within the Program, BP has jumped on the opportunity to exacerbate the issue, accusing the entire Program of being unreliable and fraud-ridden.

Judge Barbier, after hearing out BP’s multiple appeals and complaints, sought out the expertise of Freeh to investigate the process and the Program. The initial investigation was triggered by the discovery of an expedited claim by former senior claims office attorney Lionel Sutton, on behalf of attorney Glen Lerner and John Andry.

Fortunately, BP’s concerns were proven wrong, as Freeh’s findings found that this incident was in fact an isolated one, and that Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau, a highly respected Louisiana attorney, is transparent and objective in his oversight of the Program. Juneau continues to encourage business owners and individuals to pursue their rights under the Program, understanding the overall economic damages the Gulf Coast experienced.

Regardless of these findings, Freeh will recommend and test extra security measures to ensure another incident does not occur, and that the Program continues to function in an efficient and accurate manner.

The Settlement Program was designed to address economic losses experienced by the Gulf coast counties as a result of the 2010 BP oil spill. The deadline to file a claim is April 22, 2014, and despite BP’s current media campaign, the Program remains intact and active, paying out an average of $250 million in valid claims each month. The current average claim value is $246K.

There is no risk or cost associated with being evaluated.

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