Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau Sends Reminder to File BP Claim

We have officially marked three years since the blowout of BP’s Macondo rig located in the Mississippi Canyon of the Gulf of Mexico. The devastating explosion that killed 11 workers and marked the beginning of history’s largest oil spill was just the beginning of BPs current financial, legal and public relations battles.

The Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program is receiving thousands of claims per month from all business types. To date, over 157,000 claims have been submitted between all eligible states. Florida is in the lead with 49, 250, and Louisiana a close second with 42, 645.

The Settlement Program is uncapped, meaning BP will pay out all valid claims submitted before the deadline of April 22, 2014. Claims administrator Patrick Juneau, is in full support of potential claimants, recently stating, “As per the Settlement Agreement, individuals, business and non-profit organizations have until April 22, 2014 to file an economic or property damage claim. I feel this is part of my duty as Claims Administrator to inform the public of these important deadlines as they approach.” He also assured that claims are being processed at full speed on a daily basis.

Though claimants can self-file, the process can be complex and tedious, and carry the risk of disqualification or rejection if filed incorrectly or incompletely. Additionally, non-lawyers filing claims should be aware that they may face a negotiation and appeal phase on their clients’ behalves, so it’s best to choose representation wisely.

All businesses and non-profits located in the included zones are strongly encouraged to file a claim. There is absolutely no risk in being evaluated. Are you eligible?

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