The Most Complex Settlement in the History of the U.S.

“It’s a settlement agreement on steroids … It’s the most detailed, transparent settlement agreement that’s ever been negotiated … in the history of the United States.” Settlement Administrator Patrick Juneau said in a recent visit with Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Florida Cabinet.

It is simple math and there is no proof requirement that the oil spill directly impacted your business. You merely need to show a downturn in 2010 from prior years and an upturn in 2011. There are exceptions and variations for new businesses, failed businesses and the like, but virtually every business in Florida within a Gulf coastal county has a valid and valuable claim.

Florida accounts for about a fifth of the $1.3 billion paid in the five Gulf Coast states to date, Juneau said. Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program is reporting a total of 113,297 claims submitted. Of those, 28,568 are business economic loss claims.

The total settlement package is currently valued at $7.8 billion; however there is no cap on the amount that may be paid under the settlement to all businesses who qualify. Almost any individual and any business located in a Florida Gulf Coast county, including the entire panhandle (as well as all of the counties in AL, MS, LA and select counties in TX), may very well be eligible.

There are at least 700,000 more valid claims to be filed. According to Juneau: “When in doubt – File a claim.” ERG is here to provide high end legal service to clients who seek and expect it. Our team of expert financial analysts and attorneys are working diligently to spread the most reliable and current information about the new BP Horizon Spill Settlement to businesses and professionals economically impacted along the west coast of Florida.

ERG is representing businesses across many market segments including construction-related businesses, retail stores, auto dealerships, physicians, real estate offices, and restaurants. These are just a few of the many industries currently qualifying for Settlement funds.

Unlike many law firms who are involved in a variety of practice areas, we are solely focused on BP Settlement litigation. We have a legal portal into the program, experience handling these claims, and are familiar with the all the proper documentation and the appeals process. With offices in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, and Orlando, ERG is represented state-wide with resources spread across a large geographic area for your convenience.

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